Local 1 Officers

5850 Elizabeth Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63110

(314) 647-5900

Business Manager Frank Jacobs

Frank Jacobs

Business Manager

President Jim Reinheimer, Jr.

Jim Reinheimer, Jr.


Finanacial Secretary

Dave Roth

Financial Secretary

Vice President Tim Cleveland

Kenny Edgar III

Vice President

Recording Secretary Sylvester Taylor, Jr.

James Jones

Recording Secretary

Treasurer Kenny Edgar III

Leslie Lorenzini


Steve Dussold, Executive Board, Secretary

Steve Dussold

Secretary, Executive Board

Tom George, Jr., Executive Board

Tom George, Jr.

Executive Board

Dan Drury, Executive Board

Dan Drury

Executive Board

Josh Peniston, Executive Board

Josh Peniston

Executive Board

Nick Sachse, Executive Board

Nick Sachse

Executive Board

Doug Boyher, Examining Board

Kenny Squires

Chairman, Examining Board

James Jones, Examining Board

Andrew Sander

Examining Board

Leslie Turnbull, Examining Board

Tony Scarpace

Examining Board

The objects of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers are:

  • To organize all workers in the entire electrical industry in the United States and Canada, including all those in public utilities and electrical manufacturing, into local unions,
  • To promote reasonable methods of work,
  • To cultivate feelings of friendship among those of our industry,
  • To settle all disputes between employers and employees by arbitration (if posssible),
  • To assist each other in sickness or distress,
  • To secure employment,
  • To reduce the hours of daily labor,
  • To secure adequate pay for our work,
  • To seek a higher and higher standard of living,
  • To seek security for the individual,
  • And by legal and proper means to elevate the moral, intellectual and social conditions of our members, their families and dependents, in the interest of a higher standard of citizenship.