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Hello and thank you for your interest in the IBEW.

Generally, for experienced electrical workers interested in becoming part of the IBEW, we begin the process by verifying their skills and experience. We do this in two ways: 1. Site visits and 2. Documentation.

The IBEW places high value on training and competency and we make sure anyone interested in joining understands that there are no shortcuts to excellence. However, we can give you credit for verified experience hours in electrical construction.

How do we verify your experience?

Below is a comprehensive list of the documents we use to verify your hours in electrical construction, not all of them are required. For example, if we ranked the listing below, W2’s would be near the bottom, and end-of-year pay stubs from your employer, ones that include year-to-date (YTD) total hours, would be near the top. Other methods include transcripts from registered apprenticeship programs, letters from employers, and employment records.

Journey-level candidates must have 10,000 or more verified hours in electrical construction. Candidates not meeting these hour requirments are encouraged to apply for one of our apprenticeship programs and to take advantage of the entry-level opportunities in lighting maintenance and telecommunications while working through each step of the apprenticeship application process.

If you are a military veteran, please review the Apprenticeship & Training page of our website for more details on our requirements and please also review our Veterans Electrical Entry Program (VEEP)

1. Driver’s License
2. High school Diploma or GED
3. Certificates of completion from trade schools
4. Completion certificate from a Department of Labor registered apprenticeship program (IEC hour verification will also help)
5. Recent Check Stub
6. Year Ending Check Stubs (verifying total hours worked in the industry)
7. W2’s (employment of electrical contractors)
8. Resume
9. Employer-signed letter on company letterhead verifying work hours.



The following organizers are available to answer any questions you may have regarding the IBEW, don’t allow fear or misinformation prevent you from taking advantage of an opportunity with the IBEW. If you are unrepresented electrical worker in the construction industry and want your employer to sign an agreement with the IBEW, please consider submitting an authorization card granting us the right to represent you. (If you are unrepresented and work in a manufacturing or professional field please use the authorization card at the bottom of this page.)

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