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Brothers and Sisters,
     After 16 months of deliberation, on January 21, 2021, your Joint Labor-Management Committee reached an agreement on employer implementation of Fit-For-Duty (FFD) testing. As a result, any FFD tests or procedures must be approved by the Labor-Management Committee before implementation to ensure they comply with the requirements outlined in the agreement.

Sachs Electric Company, the only Local 1 signatory employer implementing FFD testing, has contracted with Athletico to administer their FFD test. Any member accepting a referral to Sachs Electric Company will be pre-screened by a medical professional to ensure they can safely perform the FFD test. If the FFD test exposes risk factors or limitations, members may request accommodations.

Please review the FITNESS FOR DUTY Memorandum of Understanding in the Members Area of this site and call us with any questions. A detailed letter was mailed to the construction membership regarding these changes.

Stay Safe and Healthy.

In Solidarity,

Frank D. Jacobs
Business Manager

Buy Union!

A reference for union made goods and services

Brothers and Sisters,

     The American Federation of Labor was founded in Columbus, Ohio, on December 8, 1886. Since that time millions of working men and women have fought to gain the workplace freedoms and dignified living standards we enjoy today. One surefire way to protect these gains and ensure our continued prosperity is to spend our hard-earned money on American, union-made products and services whenever and wherever possible.

We have compiled a reference of these goods and services in an attempt to assist you when making spending decisions, check out our Union-Made Buying Guide. Printed copies are available at your union hall.

The AFLCIO also maintains an up-to-date listing of Union-Made in America products and The Union Label and Service Trades Department, AFL-CIO, provides detailed information members may use to educate themselves on which products and services carry a Union Label. Please use the Suggest a Business on their UNION-MADE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES page to help support their mission.

In Solidarity,
Frank Jacobs
Business Manager