Dear Sisters and Brothers,

     Here is the latest installment of the monthly newsletter that has been initiated to keep you informed about the new presidential administration. Please read and circulate it amongst your friends. The Biden administration may be only a few months old, but it is operating overtime to get the United States back on its feet.

     Every day, President Biden recognizes the primacy of American workers, collective-bargaining, and the labor movement. Whether he is expressing his support for a historic organizing campaign or appointing union members as keys personnel in his administration, never before has a president been so public in their support of the values that the IBEW holds dear.

     This newsletter may also be found on, along with news updates and newsletter archives. Please take the time to review this information, it is critically important that you stay informed.

If you have any questions or need anything else, please reach out.

In Solidarity,
Frank Jacobs
Business Manager